Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Does This Look Like A Bunch of Losers?

Well They Are A Bunch of Losers!

The Infamous professional bowling team called the Hot Shots arrived in the rain at Taylor Creek tied for 5th place - 9 points behind first place, where we belong.

What did they do? Almost nothing. Only got two points and we now have almost no chance of finishing first in the first half of the season.

The Captain was crying at the lanes and ready for a beer and asked Hot Shot Len, where did the Hot Shots go? Hot Shot Len said they have headed for the Hot Tub to drown their sorrows.

The Captain felt like drowning a few Hot Shots.

What happened to the professional bowling team called the Hot Shots?

A Depressed Captain.

1 comment:

HR said...

I can't say that any of you look the least bit depressed. On the contrary, you all looked like you had just won the championship.

A sad Hotette that would like to see the Hot Shots on top. Hotette Judy has to send that Angel to help out.