Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Caper Drinks For Free!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

No this is not a love in.

It is Loser Hot Shot Gord serving free beer to Hot Shot Caper Ray after a great performance at Taylor Creek on Tuesday night. When Hot Shot Gord falls he falls hard. Just last week he was Top Hot Shot.

Caper Ray has moved into the 4th place bowling position and is now after the anchor position held by you beloved Captain. He won't have a chance.

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Captain Serves Again!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

The Captain is not happy as he serves Hot Shot Gord his Free Beer and then raps the pool cue around his neck.

The Captain was happier last week while looking down in the beer. Alas, Amanada was not there last night and rumour has it she won't be back. I guess she was too happy and friendly to the Hot Shots. She was very happy anyway.

We are two points out of last place and "We Ain't Having Fun."

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Believe It Or Not! AGAIN!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Yes, the Captain has fallen. He was the worst bowler of the night and he had to serve beer to Eastview Ray, the worst bowler on the team. See how sad he looks with his eyes to the ground.

Amanda wanted to get in the photo again as she loves the Hot Shots.

Hot Shot Eastview Ray will soon be bowling in second place if he keeps this up.

Everyone was crying in their beer as we think we are now at the bottom of the league.

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Believe It Or Not!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

If you look at the video game in the background you will see it is called Ripley's Believe It Or Not! And that is what happened last night.

The Captain predicted in his email to welcome Hot Shot Eastview Ray back to lead the team that he would also win his first Free Beer of the season. And that is what happened. He usually folds like a cheap suit in the last frame and we all thought he was going to when he started.

As you can see Caper Ray, part of the 'Two Rays', couldn't believe his eyes as he still has them shut. I think that was how he bowled his last game.

Not only did he win the Free Beer he also won the 50/50 draw for $71 and the Hot Shots could be heard all over the bowling lanes shouting "Free Beer! Free Beer!"

It was a tearing beering night as we drank beer but only got two points. We Ain't Having Fun!

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Captain Welcomes Caper Ray to Hot Shots!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

After saying a tearful goodbye to Hot Shot Pete in December it was the Captain's honour to welcome Hot Shot Caper Ray to fill his big shoes for 2007.

It was a pleasure to present Caper Ray with a beer for his dedication to the Hot Shots by waiting in the wings to bowl for this infamous bowling team.

This will be a Hot Shot Year as we take over first place, where we belong.

Now remember, "If You Ain't Winning, You Ain't Having Fun."

The Captain