Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Believe It Or Not!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

If you look at the video game in the background you will see it is called Ripley's Believe It Or Not! And that is what happened last night.

The Captain predicted in his email to welcome Hot Shot Eastview Ray back to lead the team that he would also win his first Free Beer of the season. And that is what happened. He usually folds like a cheap suit in the last frame and we all thought he was going to when he started.

As you can see Caper Ray, part of the 'Two Rays', couldn't believe his eyes as he still has them shut. I think that was how he bowled his last game.

Not only did he win the Free Beer he also won the 50/50 draw for $71 and the Hot Shots could be heard all over the bowling lanes shouting "Free Beer! Free Beer!"

It was a tearing beering night as we drank beer but only got two points. We Ain't Having Fun!

Captain Hot Shot

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