Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking For A New Anchor!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

How can Dan The Man roll a 265 in the first game last week and a 99 in the first game this week. It must have been the training he had last week prior to the game. He goes from drinking a Free Beer to the lower cast of be the Server this week. Check him out.

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blow Pins are Blown Away!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

What a night it was. Dan The Man was amazing with a season high 265. He had trained all afternoon for the big night at Taylor Creek and did he come through. Sorry I can't say the same about the Caper. Check out the video to see Caper serve Dan The Man with a Free Beer.

The Caper is looking scruffy and not dress liked a professional bowling Hot Shot. The dress code will be enforced next week if he doesn't clean up his act.

Captain Hot Shot

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot Shots Get 4 Points

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Dan The Man couldn't make it to Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek at the last moment. Hot Shot Gord was called from the golf course and made it in time to win the Free Beer. Now that is dedication. Check him out on the video.

Hot Shot Hal will be in the video next week. I hope he is not serving.

Captain Hot Shot