Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Does This Look Like A Bunch of Losers?

Well They Are A Bunch of Losers!

The Infamous professional bowling team called the Hot Shots arrived in the rain at Taylor Creek tied for 5th place - 9 points behind first place, where we belong.

What did they do? Almost nothing. Only got two points and we now have almost no chance of finishing first in the first half of the season.

The Captain was crying at the lanes and ready for a beer and asked Hot Shot Len, where did the Hot Shots go? Hot Shot Len said they have headed for the Hot Tub to drown their sorrows.

The Captain felt like drowning a few Hot Shots.

What happened to the professional bowling team called the Hot Shots?

A Depressed Captain.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hot Shot Hal Serves The Captain

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Little Lenny had a great idea when he suggested that we should make a bet in hopes of getting the infamous professional bowling team called the Hot Shots into first place. The idea was for the best bowler of the night to win a beer with the other 4 bowlers paying for the beer. Of course, the worst bowler of the night was to serve the beer to the winner.

As a result, all the Hot Shots bowled over their average. It was great competition. Captain Hot Shot rolled 62 points over his average, followed by Hot Shot Len with 55, Hot Shot Pete with 28 and Hot Shot Gord rolled 23 points followed by Hot Shot Hal with 13.

Hot Shot Hal should not be smiling but we know next week he will be the one being served.

Fun was had by all, expecially the Captain drinking free beer. Next week we are going to Hot Shot Hal & Hotette Judy's Hot Tub where the winner will be served beer all night in the Hot Tub by the loser.

The Hot Shots were relieved that the Hotettes did not have to curl this Wednesday as they could go home and sleep, if you know what I mean.

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where is Hal?

Hotette Judy,

Thanks for the photo of Hal (middle) getting his lessons. You didn't have to tell me which one he was as I recognized the shoes.

I know you are trying hard to get Hot Shot Hal bowling to the calibre of his younger days but you must try harder, if you know what I mean, so that the professional bowling team called the Hot Shots will be in first place by Christmas.

Happy to hear that the AlMars are having fun and not spending money at the curling rink.

Captain Hot Shot

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hot Shot Len Is Out of Retirement!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Len is out of retirement and ready to lead the Hot Shots to First Place by Christmas.

Captain Hot Shot is so happy he can't hold back his emotions (It is not the rum we were drinking at the sunset but maybe the atmosphere in P-Town, Cape Cod.)

Tuesday night was another big night for the Hot Shots as they took seven points from the first place team and feMALE Captain and President. What a fine bunch of professional bowlers. Hotettes, we owe it all to you looking after your Hot Shot they way you do.

Now the Hot Shots must get serious, listen to their Captain who will lead them to the promise land.

Captain Hot Shot

ps I would rather be hugging SuperHero Linda.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Hot Shots are All Male!

Dear SuperHero Linda,

It is with regret that I cannot accept your invitation to join the infamous professional bowling team called the Hot Shots.

From your photo I can tell from your ample assests that you would make a fine bowler and would be the hit of the league. Unfortunately, the Hot Shots are an all MALE bowling team and with your assests I think it would be difficult to pass you off as a male bowler.

As you can see from my photo I have started to drink because of not being able to accept your application. (This photo was taken by my grandson to show how he sees is Grandpa)

I do hope you understand SuperHero Linda. Hot Shot Pete will probably never get over it.

Retired Hot Shot Len will try and fill your bra, er, I mean bowling shoes on Tuesday night at Taylor Creek.

Captain Hot Shot

Friday, November 04, 2005

I Want To Be A Hot Shot!

Hi Captain Hot Shot,

I would like to apply for Hot Shot Jim's position on your professional bowling team. I have been following your blog since it was created and was waiting for this opportunity to apply. Captain Hot Shot I think you are the greatest. You are such a motivator and a leader for your Hot Shots and Hotettes.

After reading your last comments on Superhero Hot Shot Pete I want to bowl with him. He seems like my type of Superhero. I hope I can be his Superhero every Tuesday night at Taylor Creek.

If I measure up to the task I will be there Tuesday night. I am not that good a bowler but I think I could get the Hot Shots ready for Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek, if you know what I mean. It appears that the MarAl Curlers have let the Hot Shots down in that department.

I like winning and having fun and I know you Hot Shots are real Winners.

Waiting for your reply,

Your SuperHero,


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Hot Shots Are Winning And We Are Having Fun!

Hot Shots,

You guys were the greatest last night. We took 7 points from the old unnamed President who needs new balls as his old ones are worn out.

Just look at the lovely support we had from the feMALE President with her sunny face and disposition. Treasurer Jan dressed as an Angel and prayed for the Hot Shots all night. They just love us dearly but they won't next week.

Yes, that is right Hot Shots and Hotettes we take on the feMALE President next week. What a night it will be. She is in first place and we are on our way to the top. We will knock her out of first place and watch her cry in her beer.

We are now recuriting for a replacement for Hot Shot Jim as he has been sent to bowling school in Florida. I know there are millions of people reading this blog. Post your resume now for the infamous professional bowling team called the Hot Shots.

We are Winning and We are Having Fun.

Captain Hot Shot