Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where is Hal?

Hotette Judy,

Thanks for the photo of Hal (middle) getting his lessons. You didn't have to tell me which one he was as I recognized the shoes.

I know you are trying hard to get Hot Shot Hal bowling to the calibre of his younger days but you must try harder, if you know what I mean, so that the professional bowling team called the Hot Shots will be in first place by Christmas.

Happy to hear that the AlMars are having fun and not spending money at the curling rink.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette JAM said...

And isn't he a cutie in his blue swede bowling shoes - practising so hard for the Hot Shots and working at the same time, trying to get back to his former days, plugging away just like all the other greats who made a comeback - Rocky, Michael Jordan - so many of the greats made a comeback and he can too! Rye will help - it is already on standby.

Worried but still having fun
Hotette MarAl JAM

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hotette Judy,

I think Hal is the one on the right. Maybe you got it mixed up over the years. The ball return is the same as we had in McAdam in the 50s.

Captain Hot Shot