Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hot Shot Len Is Out of Retirement!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Len is out of retirement and ready to lead the Hot Shots to First Place by Christmas.

Captain Hot Shot is so happy he can't hold back his emotions (It is not the rum we were drinking at the sunset but maybe the atmosphere in P-Town, Cape Cod.)

Tuesday night was another big night for the Hot Shots as they took seven points from the first place team and feMALE Captain and President. What a fine bunch of professional bowlers. Hotettes, we owe it all to you looking after your Hot Shot they way you do.

Now the Hot Shots must get serious, listen to their Captain who will lead them to the promise land.

Captain Hot Shot

ps I would rather be hugging SuperHero Linda.


Steve said...
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HR said...

Congrats, Hot Shots on getting Retired Littly Lenny back. I am sure he will bring a great contribution to the team and in no time help bring this great team to the top where it belongs.

MarAl Hotette Helene :o)

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hi Hot Shots and Hotettes,

We got our first span on our blog and I deleted it. That means our blog is now in the big time as someone is spaming it. I may have to remove it as Hot Shot Len is threatening to sue for breach of "What Happens On The Road Stays On The Road."

Captain Hot Shot