Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Captain Serves Again!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

The Captain is not happy as he serves Hot Shot Gord his Free Beer and then raps the pool cue around his neck.

The Captain was happier last week while looking down in the beer. Alas, Amanada was not there last night and rumour has it she won't be back. I guess she was too happy and friendly to the Hot Shots. She was very happy anyway.

We are two points out of last place and "We Ain't Having Fun."

Captain Hot Shot


HR said...

Gee Hot Shot Gord is looking good. Hotette Helene is happy to see him smiling as when he comes home from bowling most times, he is sad, he just wants to do better. He must be trying to hard at times. Captain Hotshot maybe you have to keep on his case to get him doing what he is suppose to do. Hey you guys are heading to the top, just keep the spirit.

A Hotette on her knees praying!

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotette,

Hot Shot Gord is getting all the press this week as he will be Acting Captain when the Captain goes South to find out where his missing Hot Shots are.

The Captain