Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hot Shot Len Wins Second Beer of Season!

Hot Shot Gord(Loser) serving beer to Hot Shot Len

Hot Shots,

Have we been taken by Hot Shot Len. After all it was his idea to play this Win A Beer game. Did he let the Captain win the first time just so he would keep him on the team. Hot Shot Len is a sly one.

As Hot Shot Hal kept us in the beer in the Hot Tub we will buy Hot Shot Len his beer on Tuesday night at Taylor Creek. Then we will have a new winner on the Tuesday night games. Will it be Hot Shot Len or will Hot Shot Hal start his drive to the top? And don't forget about Hot Shot Pete buying beer from the 50/50 win. Will he win the 50/50 again on Tuesday Night at Taylor Creek and buy another jug?

It is going to be a Beer Night at Taylor Creek where the Hot Shots face the Hot Shot Killer Chrissy and her team.

Captain Hot Shot


HR said...

I think that Angel should sit on Hot Shot Gord's shoulder, he deperately needs help. My going back to work is really showing on my lack of energy to get him ready for Tuesday night at Taylor Creek. I guess I better pep up those smoothies I drink in the morning with green alive or some energy boosting mixture.. ugh...this is not a good thing.

Again a sad Hotette

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotette Helene,

I also hope that an Angel would come and be with the Hot Shots in their time of need.

We need an Angel who can guide us to the top, where we belong. We need an Angel to guide the Hotettes, if you know what I mean.

Without a Guiding Angel we will never be the team we once were. We need the magic of Christmas.

Captain Hot Shot
(looking for a star in the East)