Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Hot Shots Start 2006 in First Place.

Hot Shots Jim, Pete & Len!

The Professional bowling team, known as the Hot Shots, is now in first place in the Ambassador's Bowling League. Captain Hot Shot sent Hot Shots Jim and Pete to bowling school in Florida and Hot Shot Len to the wilds of Cape Breton. What a great choice by the Captain as he now has the Two Rays to keep the Hot Shots in first place.

Don't they look like they should be sent somewhere? They are not dedicated Hot Shots to leave the team in their time of need. Can the Two Rays, Hot Shot Caper Ray and Hot Shot Ray, lead the team to victory. Stay tuned.

Captain Hot Shot


Hot Shot Pete said...

There is only one thing Hot Shot Pete would like to say and that is it is not him in that picture, if it was he would kick the bowling shoes out from under himself.

HR said...

The Hot Shots with their new team members are off to a great season of bowling but I wouldn't knock the womens capabilities...the Hot Shots may have had a better 2005 year end if the women were part of the you will never know.

A MarAl fan

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hot Shots & Hotettes,

I may have been too harsh to call the Florida Hot Shots and the Lone Caper a bunch of women but it was my exceitment to be in first place.

We have a great start to the season. When the Hot Shots win they come home and get the MarAls ready for curling, if you know what I mean, and everyone wins.

Captain Hot Shot