Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hot Shot Hal Wins First Beer of the Season!

Dear Hot Shots & Hotettes,

I am at a loss for words. How could one or all of my faithful Hot Shots do their Captain in?

The Captain wasn't the Loser last night. Hot Shot Caper Ray was the Loser and someone fooled the Captain. I know my Florida Hot Shots or California Hot Shot would never had done that to their beloved leader.

Hot Shot Caper Ray has been sent to bowling school in Halifax next Tuesday night to determine how one night he bowls 301 points over his average and the next week bowls 40 points below.

A RCMP investigation is unway (should be finished in 4 years) to determine who did the Captain In.

Captain Hot Shot

p.s. Oh! Hot Shot Hal won the beer.

1 comment:

HR said...

That is a great picture of Hot Shot Hal, who appears to be extremely happy to get this beer but where is the Captain in his new bowling shirt????