Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not Hot Shot Gord Again!

Hi Hotettes & Hot Shot Gord,

I am getting sick and tired of seeing Hot Shot Gord in the video but at least it is good to see his face and know that he is happy drinking Free Beer.

Great job again Hotettes for getting your Hot Shot ready, if you know what I mean. If only I could find some way of getting Hotette Sybil out of the curling rink and the Malls to look after her Captain. She has been negelecting me now for two weeks. She even baked my favourite carrot cake and took it to the curling rink. She wouldn't even cut me a piece before the curlers got it.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Ann said...

Well Captain I guess you like serving the beer since you are trying to make us believe, in your email, that you purposely played off your game. Then here on the blog you are blaming Hotette Sybil for being too busy baking carrot cakes for the crew at the Curling rink. I guess you were just saving your energy for the golf lessons you gave to Hot Shot Pete and Little Lenny.

Hot Shots - keep your Captain happy.

Hotette Helene said...

Captain,I don't think you should blame Hotette Sybil for your losses..just pull up your socks & be nice..I'll bet she'll bake a carrot cake just for you. Thanks for praising the Hotettes for getting their Hot Shots ready for a good performance..makes us feel good & we will try to keep up the good work. Golfing is coming to an end so there should be total concentration on this great game of "bowling". Good luck next Tuesday... have fun & I am sure winning will come easy...we will all be happy.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hi Hotettes,

Yes, I am going to try and be nice to my Hot Shots. I will try real hard. If I only had more carrots I would be able to see the pins better.

Your Beloved Captain