Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It is All Hotette's Ann's Fault!

Hotettes & Hot Shot Gord,

Just look and listen to Hot Shot Pete. He was so weak and tired that he could hardly lift the beer to give it to Winner Hot Shot Eastview Ray. Hotette Ann made him work two days in the basement crawling on his knees to get a sink into place.

Hotette Ann you have to really get him ready for next week, if you know what I mean.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Helene said...

Well it is nice to see Hot Shot Eastview Ray receive a beer for a change...good on him. Hotette Ann is definitely not to blame for Hot Shot Pete's down could be golf withdrawals or maybe he had his hockey game on his mind!!!!!...he is off to Florida soon and turning 60 down the road...too much on his mind...overwhelming. I am sure he will be on track next Tuesday. Cheers for the Hot Shots!

Hotette JAM said...

I must admit that Hot Shot Pete does look a bit tired in the video. I hope he has a better game next week and that the Hot Shots get back in the running. It is stressful for the Hotettes as well when their Hot Shots come home down in the standings! I am cheering for you all - do something next week!!


P.S. Hotette Ann - Hal has requested chili for dinner the past few weeks before he leaves for Taylor Creek (he is a bit superstitious - "anything that works is his motto"). He makes the chili hotter by adding the chili peppers he grows. Maybe that is what Hot Shot Pete needs to set him "on fire" besides "you know what I mean". When he tries some of Hal's hot chili peppers he will be so busy thinking of his burning mouth, he may relax and bowl another 250 plus.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotettes,

Chili my arse. Hot Shot Hal can finally see the pins. He thought for years he was bowling 10 pins. But try it Hotette Ann it might work but I suspect that he was not prepared, if you know what I mean.

Hotette Helene, you have been doing a great job. When your Hot Shot got a strike the Hot Shots were in their glory shouting "Free Beer". It helps to drink free beer If You Ain't Winning so you can have some fun.

Your Beloved Leader

Hotette Ann said...

Personally I think the best comments of all were in Caper Ray's email - he is one smart guy -he must be from Glace Bay. Thanks Judy for the advice but I don't think I could make chili hot enough to put fire in Hot Shot Pete. Right now he is on the ice playing hockey for two hours as he also does on Monday. So I don't think Hotette Ann could do any more than she does to get him ready for bowling. Hot Shot Pete is going on 60 but still thinks he is 20.