Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why is Loser Pete so Happy?

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Well just have a listen and you will know why Loser Pete is so happy. And Hot Shot Gord again in the video. I am tired of looking at him. It would be nice to see Hot Shot Hal in the video again but our only chance is when he is a Loser, the way he is bowling.

Who is the Egoorcs who put up that Christmas Tree with lights before the 15th of December?

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Ann said...

Well, well, well - when Hot Shot Pete told me he won the 50/50 I thought he won about $25.00. Thank you Captain for telling me the amount. Now he tells me that after he treated his buddy Hot Shots to free beer he doesn't have any left for his Hotette.

I hope the Hot Shots play as bad on Saturday night as they have been lately and maybe I won't look that bad after all.

Yes, I admit I am an Egoorcs.

Captain Hot Shot said...

I think it was a pretty good night all round if Hot Shot Gord bowled a 251 and Hot Shot Pete won all that money to buy his Hotette a little something at La Senza if you know what I mean.

I do believe it was a special cream formula that Hotette Helene passed on to Hot Shot Gord that did the trick. It made him feel so youthful looking that he probably felt like he was 20 again and could bowl like there was no tomorrow. I recommend Hotette Helene take it away for the big match on Saturday night since it is the battle of the Hot Shots vs the Hotettes.

As for Hot Shot Hal, obviously there was not enough hot pepper in the sauce if you know what I mean or he was too busy trying to dance like Helio rather than bowl, As well as making chili for him, I also told him if he was having a problem to move a little to the left. As he usually doesn't take my bowling advice, he obviously didn't move to the left until the third game. What more can a Hotette do?

Yours truly

Hotette MarAl JAM