Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Captain Falls Hard!

Hi Hotettes and Hot Shot Gord,

All I can say is that it is all Hotette Sybil's fault. She claims she has a sore shoulder, back and cant' get the Captain ready to bowl, if you know what I mean.

Great job Hotette Helene as Hot Shot Gord is back. I don't know where Hotette Ann was but I know where Hotette Judy was, shopping all weekend.

The Captain may be down but he will be back next week.

Captain Hot Shot


JAM said...

Dear Captain Hot Shot
I must really give you credit for "team spirit" - telling everyone in your newsletter that Hot Shot Gord won the beer with 24 points over his average making him feel good - and then immediately deflating his ego by reminding him he is still the worst bowler of the team. Maybe your team members need encouragement rather than "tough love" as I am guessing that is all you may be getting from Mrs. McGuire after she reads that you put the blame on her for your "off" night. Her arm could be sore for the rest of the year if you keep that up! My "Dear Abbey" advice is to keep the chin up - there is always "tomorrow (i.e. next week). And also keep in mind the Hot Shots are in a better position than they were last year at this time (I do believe).

Yours truly
Hotette JAM

Hotette Ann said...

Well Captain - I must say that this Hotette isn't taking any responsible for Hot Shot Pete's performance. I feel that Hot Shot Pete is just too busy between his golf and his hockey there is no time for pre-bowling preparation, if you know what I mean. I sure as hell hope Sybil's arm heals soon because I certainly am not looking forward to you crying that she is not able to get you ready for bowling - not winning - not having fun makes for one unhappy Captain.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotettes,

Your comments are well taken and from this day forward I will strife to be a nicer Captain. Winning isn't everything - some idot said - and I am going to try and have fun.

Captain Hot Shot

Hotette JAM said...

6:40 AM - you do have a guily conscience if you are up that early and not sleeping in (unless it is male menapause) Just a small joke!!!!

Good luck to your team next week - in the bowling and fun department (i.e. fun fun fun so what if we didn't take 7 points kind of fun - what idot said that? - we all want to win even in curling when it is not a competitive league. We just say it was fun and was not that big of a deal, especially when we lose but it sorta was! (after all we are all only human). Of course we want the Hot Shots to win - it takes the pressure off the Hotettes (and the blame)! Yada Yada Yada. Anything to keep me from going outside and raking the leaves with Hot Shot Hal.

Yours truly
Abby (aka JAM)

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hawkeye Hotette,

I think I got the time corrected on my options and am posting this at 8:18 Pm while waiting for the ballgame. Is it going to work?

I just watched a commerical on TV while waiting for the ballgame about a coach giving a pep talk to his little leaguers. He said if you don't win I won't love you to the kids, and you think your Captain is rough.

Captain Hot Shot

Hotette Ann said...

Hey Captain - this is too funny. I was waiting for the ball game to start and saw the commercial with the coach and the kids - and I told Hot Shot Pete that Captain Hot Shot will be telling you guys - if you don't win I won't love you.

Enjoy the game - I gave up last night when it was 6-1 and am I ever glad I did - 13 -1 terrible.

By the way - the time is still not set correctly. It says I am leaving this message at 6:17 when really, I took a break from the game and it is now 9:19.