Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Norway Bowler Takes Control!

Hi Hotettes,

Just look at Loser Hal having to serve Hot Shot Pete just back from bowling school in Oslo. My money is on Hot Shot Pete to repeat next week after his best night of bowling for the young season.

Your Humble Captain


Hotette Ann said...

Wow - it is nice to see Hot Shot Pete so happy with free beer. I think that he is so happy because even if he had to buy the beer it would be better than the $11.00 a glass at bowling school in Oslo. I hope the Hot Shots keep up their skills and now that I am a contented Hotette I will do my part - if you know what I mean.

Hotshot Gord said...

Congrats to the Captain and Hotettes for activating the famous Hotshot Blog. It is a useful motivational tool for the bowling Hotshots and Hotettes, if you know what I mean.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Bloggers,

Great to see you want the blog back. I thought the Captain in the Chair was a masterpiece. I think I need a job.

The Captain

Hotette Helene said...

Well I want to take Hot Shot Gord to that bowling school in Oslo. Maybe that is the answer to his bowling problems. Didn't find a good bowling school in Nova Scotia, so it will have to be off to Oslo. I'll get the particulars from Hotette Ann. So glad the Captain is continuing with the Blog as it has become more humorous with this high tech love it. CONGRATS Captain, on top where the Hot Shots belong.