Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot Shot Hal Was Amazing!

Hi Hotettes & Hot Shot Gord,

Yes, it was a night to remember. Hot Shot Hal rolling a high game of 348. His first 300 game in the history of his many years with the Hot Shots. He is speechless as you can see.

He cheated Hot Shot Pete out of his Free Beer with one ball. The Loser is covering his face as his total for the night was just over Hot Shot Hal's one game. Where are you Hotette Helene? The Captain didn't give you permission to go to Cape Breton.

Your Beloved Captain


Hotette Ann said...

Congratulations Hal - Hot Shot Pete couldn't believe he didn't get the free beer but he still wore a smile because he was happy with his bowling. I guess the server of the beer wants to keep his identity a secret (as if we don't know who he is). Hot Shots your Captain is winning so he is having fun. Keep it up.

Hotette JAM said...

Yes congrats to Hot Shot Hal (not so sure the Captain got his facts right about World War II however as I think he meant Egypt or Cypress) - and congrats to Hot Shot Pete and all the team as it was a team effort, including Hot Shot Gord who showed up to help his team out even though he should have been at the chiropractor's (from what I hear)and Hot Shot Caper Ray who was so loyal he showed up with his "I accidently slipped off the chair" wounds at the golf beer fest. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. Or was he too busy watching the hostess serve the beer and he got distracted!

Needless to say I am sure all Hotettes will be waiting with "baited" breath for the results next week to see if we can breath a sigh of relief or offer our wishes of "there is always next week"! After all it is only a game you say!!!

Hotette JAM

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hi Hotettes,

What a night it was. Keep up the good work Hotettes to keep your Hot Shots on top. Now where is Hotette Helene?

Hotette Helene said...

Captain Hot Shot Here I am, Here I am. I have already posted a comment in the previous session..maybe got a head of you. Thanks to Hotette Jam for bringing my attention to the fact the Captain was wondering where I was. Congrats to Hot Shots Pete & Hal..they are definitely on a great roll. As I mentioned I have to take Hot Shot Gord to the bowling school in Oslo, no question, there is nothing in N.S. Will get all the particulars from Hotette Ann. Looks like a nasty wound Caper Ray has..hmmm..perhaps it was worth it..those beer servers!!!

Back on top where the Hot Shots belong, you gotta be a happy team. Good luck next Tuesday.

Captain Hot Shot said...
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Captain Hot Shot said...

Hi Hotette Helene,

You must seek the Captain's permission before heading to NS again. Hot Shot Gord is now the worst bowler on the team and Hot Shot Eastview Ray is happy to be bowling in 2nd position tonight.

Now you know what you have to do to get Hot Shot Gord back in his grove so go and do it, if you know what I mean.

Captain Hot Shot