Wednesday, February 08, 2006

When Bubba Falls - He Falls A Long Way Down!

Yes Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Bubba had no smile last night. Only Hot Shot Gord, a second time winner of the free beer, had a big smile on his face wearing his new Ambassador Bowling Shirt. Hot Shot Bubba went from a Winner last week to the Loser this week.

Hot Shot Gord had a great nights bowling, thanks to Hotette Helene no doubt, if you know what I mean. Hotettes Helene and Sybil are curling all day today and will no doubt need a back rub when they get back.

We ain't winning and we ain't having fun. I am sending the two Rays of Sunshine to bowling school next week and will be ordering the Florida Hot Shots back. We will fly Hot Shots Jim, Hal and Pete back to get the team back into first place.

What a night. I was expecting big things from Hot Shot Caper Ray back from bowling school in Nova Scotia but it was obvious that he was just down their stuck in the snow drinking K'eths.

Captain Hot Shot


HR said...

Hotette Helene put too much energy in getting Hot Shot Gord ready for his good game at Taylor Creek, if you know what I mean, that she did not do her best as a MarAl Curler today at Carleton Heights Curling Club. Hey we didn't have to buy our drinks and MarAl Sybil & I had fun. We pretty much are in need of a nice back rub with essential oils, etc. if you know what I mean. Is there Curling school in Florida?

Hotette Helene :o)

Captain Hot Shot said...

Losers don't get back rubs, they give them. Hot Shot Gord is a Winner (he won the beer) and you are a Loser MarAl Helene.

The Captain has spoken.

Captain Hot Shot