Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rayette to Harryette!

Dear Hot Shots & Hotettes,

I could not accept Rayette for the All Men's professional bowling team known as the Hot Shots. The next best was Harryette.

He will not be invited back by the Captain. He bowled 220 in his second game and it was the high team score of the night for the Hot Shots. When you show up the Captain you don't get invited back. You would think at 88, ready to be 89 on April Fools Day, he would know enough to not show up the Captain.

I am still in depression for not getting any points Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek. I may have to go to Florida for sun and fun.

Captain Hot Shot


Chrissy said...

You can't leave all the blame on Harryette there oh capitan, I do believe the Hot Shot Killer did strike again!!

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hot Shot Killer,

Yes, you are right. I am going to take away the Ding-a-ling as I think that gives you Hot Shot Killers the power to beat the Hot Shots.

Captain Hot Shot