Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nice Bowling Shirts!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

It was a sad night at Taylor Creek. I almost cried. It was my last bowling game until April. On Monday I take off with Hotette Sybil for a month in Florida. I don't want to go as I would rather stay and bowl with the infamous Hot Shots. I feel like I am letting the team down.

But Hotette Sybil needs a break from looking after the Captain all winter, if you know what I mean, so I am taking her to the Sun & Fun.

As you can see from Hot Shot Bubba, he came a long way from last week and was the winner of the Free Beer. Hot Shot Gord shouldn't be smiling as he was the Loser of the week, being the only one who didn't bowl over his average. Hotette Helene, where were you?

Captain Hot Shot

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HR said...

Okay, I guess I am to blame, got back from NS and my mind is into re-decorating my house, as all women like to do when spring is around the corner. WOW, that Hotette Sybil is soooo lucky to have fun in the sun for the next while. But for Captain Hot Shot I will try to get focused on the important thing in life and that is preparing Hot Shot Gord for his big nights at Taylor Creek. I wish the Captain and Hotette Sybil a very safe trip and lots,lots of fun. See you in April.

Cheers Hotette Helene :o)