Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Four Pigs & One Chicken - Hot Shots Dream Team!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

This week I related a little story of Ham & Eggs to all the infamous professional bowling team known as the Hot Shots. I asked each one if they were a Pig, commited to the Ham & Eggs (Hot Shots), or just a Chicken, involved in the Ham & Eggs.

We found out on Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek. Hot Shot Hal will be forever known as Hot Shot Chicken Hal. Here he is hiding his face while serving Hot Shot Pete, his 5th Free Beer of the season, because of his worst performance of the year. Where was Hotette Judy?

All other Hot Shots rolled over their average and took 3 points from the Lightning Strikes. They are great Pigs.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Ann said...

Captain - I am so proud of my Hot Shot Pete, but please go easy on one of my favorite Hot Shots - Hal. He is such a very committed Hot Shot that I don't think he should be labelled Chicken just because he didn't deliver the golden egg last night. There is still plenty of bowling left for Hot Shot Hal to redeem himself. I can't believe the smile on Hot Shot Pete's face. He sure love winning as it makes him have a lot of fun.

Captain Hot Shot said...

His smile is making me throw up!!!

HR said...

Hurray for Hot Shot Pete, by his smile he looks like he is on top of the world. Hot Shot Hal does not deserve such horrible treatment. He needs to be ENCOURAGED. He will get back on track with lots of good encouragement. Captain,I think you should rethink how you attack your Dream Team when they don't have a good night at bowling.

Hotette Helene