Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Wonder We Didn't Win!!!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Pete, the worst Hot Shot of the night, showed up in the most godawful lime green shirt you have ever seen. No wonder he had the worst night of the season with a low 119 score for the year.

We were on our way to the top where the money is and he did us in. He complained that he had a sore arm after he rolled a 119. He was going great guns all month and the shirt did him in.

We now don't have a chance to make first place by Christmas, thanks to the shirt.

We were getting ready to take a photo of him serving beer to your beloved Captain, with a cute barmaid in the middle, when the batteries went dead in the camera. The light from the shirt short circuited the batteries.

Captain Hot Shot


HR said...

That is a pretty bright shirt...I think Pete since he has been the recipient of the beer in the last while, just wanted to give that place to someone else but I am not so sure it was meant for the Captain!!!!! What a guy, he has a big heart. Too bad the Hot Shots didn't do better. :o(

Hotette Helene

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hotette Helene,

I felt bad winning the free beer off Hot Shot Gord, after you did a great job getting him ready for Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek, but I did it for the team. We wanted to win total points and your Captain was only thinking of the team not the Free Beer.

Your Beloved Captain