Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tired of Looking at these Old Farts?

Hi Professional Bowlers,

I am getting tired of looking at those old farts getting their free beer. What else should we have pictured on our blog Hot Shots? Maybe we should take up tennis this winter. I am sure some bowlers may do better at another sport.

Captain Hot Shot

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HR said...

WOW, nice figure on this tennis player...I am envious. I guess I had better take us tennis if I could end up looking like that...what do you say Hotettes..should we join the tennis club? Well I am in mourning for all the Hot Shots who are not doing well. Ann had better start some classes on how to prepare our Hot Shots...pleassssse let us in on your secret. Hurray for Pierre for being on top!

Hotette Helene :o( :o)