Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sorry Wrong Photo!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Sorry about that. I got my photos mixed up. They were two girls on the Bust Tour that we had fun with every night.

Here is the real photo of similing Hot Shot Pete and The Grumpy Captain. And he says he is owed a beer from our pre-bowl. I guess Hot Shot Pete is right.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Ann said...

Wow - who is that good looking guy in the white sweater with the big smile. Oh, it's Hot Shot Pete being served by a very down in the dumps Captain Hot Shot. I sure hope this good bowling streak lasts, because Hot Shot Pete is in such a good mood. I knew he did well last night when he came through the door singing "I'm simply the best, I'm better than all the rest.

Hotette Ann

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotette Ann,

Tell the Hotettes your secret. How did you get him ready to bowl like that. Maybe it was the wine from Niagra Region.

Captain Hot Shot