Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hot Shots Start 7th Season.

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Yes, the infamous professional bowling team has started its 7th season. The feMALE President was so happy to see us that she wanted in on the first photo of the year and got carried away. She started to drink the Captain's free beer.

Yes, the Captain started out leading the Hot Shots with a 233 average. The best in the league. Our worst bowler, Hot Shot Eastview Ray, is seen here serving the beer to his beloved Captain. All the Hot Shots agreed that they are happy to have such a leader.

Yes, we are winning and we are having fun.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette Ann said...

Hey - Celine is brave trying to steal the Captain's free beer.

Well Captain - Fall is upon us when I am starting to read Hot Shot newsletters and the blog.

I will try to have my Hot Shot Pete ready for Tuesday night since it will be his last night of bowling until we return from Norway.

I think you should tell Hotette Sybil that she is wasting her time trying to educate you in the fine arts. The only fine art you love is bowling.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Dear Hotette Ann,

Yes, the bowling season is here and the Hot Shots will rise to the top with the help of the Hotettes.

The culture I obtained in Stratford will be passed on to the Hot Shots on Tuesday Night At Taylor Creek where if you ain't winning you ain't having fun.

Captain Hot Shot