Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The 13th Season is Over!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Thirteen years of fun and even some nights we had fun and we weren't even winning.  Go figure!

Last night in Mike's Pub the tears were flowing pretty good from all the Hot Shots.  They want to keep bowling and not go play golf all summer.  The usual happened:

Caper Ran and Dan The Man said they were going to quit again this year but we all know that would never happen as their Hotettes would not let them.  Their Hotettes love for them to get out of the house.

Hot Shot Gord was the star of the night and received a free beer from, you guessed it, The Caper who was the worst Hot Shot in the Playoffs.  Check out the video.

Until the Fall we will start winning and having fun.

Captain Hot Shot
"If You Ain't Winning - You Ain't Having Fun."

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