Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The 10th Season of the Hot Shots!

Hi Hot Shots & Hotettes,

What a treat it was to have the Hotettes, and wannabe Hot Shot and Hotettes from the West, cheering us on for our last game of the night. The season is off to a great start. Just check out the video to see what a Family Happy Night it was.

What a great idea it was to have the Hotettes there.

Captain Hot Shot

"If You Ain't Winning, You Ain't Having Fun".


Hotette Ann said...

It was a fun night at Taylor Creek. So glad I could make Caper Ray happy by being part of the "Family Night" for the opening season of the Hot Shots Bowling year.

Congratulations Dan the Man.

See you all at the bowling banquet.

Hotette Ann

Marianne Humphries said...

Hotette from the West
What a great nite. An honor to be part of Family nite. Have a great season!

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hotette Ann,

I agree Ann, it was a fun night. You are not going to see us until the bowling banquet? Does this mean that no partying at Christmas?

Wannabee Hotette Marianne, it was our honour to have you present to see the infamous Hot Shots take two points in the last game. I assume you have been told about the name of our infamous all men's professional bowling team.

The Captain

Hotette Ann said...

Captain Hot Shot - of course I will be partying at Christmas - maybe even before. I was just letting you know that I have other commitments and won't be able to be part of the Hotette Fan Club attending Tuesday Night Bowling at Taylor Creek to cheer on the Hot Shots.