Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Hotettes Ruin The Captain!

Hi Bloggers,

Yes, the 'Captain Had A Dream'. The Hotettes were suppose to go down in defeat on Saturday night during the Hot Shot vs Hotette Fun Bowl. The Hotettes were bent on winning and not even supporting the Hot Shots. The Hotettes beat us and we have now created a monster.

I hope the Season of Christmas changes their ways.

Captain For Life


Hotette Helene said...

Captain Hot Shot

You look pathetic on the blog.. you look terrible.. the situation must be pretty bad but I don't think you should be blaming the Hotettes. Remember what you yourself said "If you ain't winning, you ain't having fun" and we sure had fun Saturday night. Good on Eastview Ray for winning the beer.

Captain Hot Shot said...

Hotette Helene,

It is bad. The Captain has bowled under his average for the last 7 nights in a row. He is not happy. If he doesn't come out of his slump on Tuesday night it will be a dark Christmas.

Once Proud Captain