Sunday, April 16, 2006

Impossible Feat by Hot Shot Hal!

Hot Shots & Hotettes,

Hot Shot Hal rolled a Big 245 in the first game and then in the second game he lobbed a 144.


But it did happen and he won the Free Beer of the week with a 220 in the third game. What a Hot Shot.

Seems like his mug is on the blog too often.

The season is coming to an end so stay tuned for the Playoffs where the Hot Shots really show their stuff now that the Captain is back.

Captain Hot Shot


Hotette JAM said...

The Captain says that Hot Shot Hal's picture is on the blog too often. Could be true, however we also see the same cute bartender in each picture every week too!

The camera man (aka Captain Hot Shot) must like her smile.

Captain Hot Shot said...

She has the hots for the Captain.